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Victory Health Care Services LLC, is an organization located in Baltimore, Maryland which provides services to empower families and children. It is the philosophy of Victory Health Care Services that every person can recover and live a fulfilled life with mental illness.

About VHCS

Our years of experience and in-depth knowledge in delivering and support of mental health, early intervention, training, consultation and treatment services.

Adult Psychiatric Rehabilitation Counseling (PRP)

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Programs (PRP) are for adults with serious and persistent mental illness.

Individual, Family & Group Counseling

Counseling designed to reduce functional behavioral impairments and develop and/or restore age-appropriate skills in a variety of areas.

Mentoring Program

This introductory section offers a general discussion on the rationale behind our programs, and outlines the advantages they provide.

Treatment Plans

A treatment plan is developed in collaboration with the individual and parent/and or guardian.

Medication Services

Medication services are provided as needed. These services include providing prescriptions, monitoring and patient education.

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What clients say

The therapist here are patient, attentive and understanding. They take their time listening and assist with finding solutions that not only work but fit YOUR life! Guidance is a gift, but their expertise is a rewarding bonus!
Anonymously Grateful
VHCS Client

Everyday is a good day to have Victory!

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